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Easy Checks: A First Review of Web Accessibility Updated Draft

20 Dec 2013

 The Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG) has published an updated draft of the WAI resource Easy Checks – A First Review of Web Accessibility. Easy Checks helps you assess if a Web page addresses accessibility. It provides simple steps for anyone who can use the Web; no accessibility knowledge or skill is required. The checks cover just a few accessibility issues and are designed to be quick and easy, rather than definitive. Learn about the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). ip  
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W3C Workshop: New Horizons for the Multilingual Web

18 Dec 2013

 W3C announced today the seventh MultilingualWeb workshop in a series of events exploring the mechanisms and processes needed to ensure that the World Wide Web lives up to its potential around the world and across barriers of language and culture. To be held 7-8 May 2014 in Madrid, this workshop is made possible by the generous support of the LIDER project. As part of the event, LIDER will organize a roadmapping workshop on linked data and content analytics. Anyone may attend all sessions at no charge and the W3C welcomes participation by both speakers and non-speaking attendees. Early registration is encouraged due to limited space. Building on the success of six highly regarded previous workshops, this workshop will emphasize new technology developments that may lead to new opportunities for the Multilingual Web. The workshop brings together participants interested in the best practices and standards needed to help content creators, localizers, language tools developers, and others meet the challenges of the multilingual Web. It provides further opportunities for networking across communities that span the various aspects involved. We are particularly interested in speakers who can demonstrate novel solutions for reaching out to a global, multilingual audience. Registration is available online. 

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Upcoming: Fourth W3C Web and TV Workshop: Web and TV Convergence

9 Dec 2013

 W3C announced a Fourth W3C Web and TV Workshop: Web and TV Convergence, 12-13 March 2014, in Munich, Germany. The Workshop is hosted by IRT. The TV ecosystem is seeing large changes in terms of consumer behavior, creator demographics and technical capabilities. The effect on companies and organizations is profound leading to individual and collaborative efforts to turn challenges into opportunities. Since 2010, three W3C workshops have been held accompanied by active work in the Web and TV Interest Group as well as other related groups. As the next generation of challenges arise, this workshop aims to assist market players in two main areas: Identifying the priorities for Web and television convergence and advising W3C on where to focus its efforts; Strengthening cooperation between those involved in the development of standards to avoid confusion and duplication of work. 

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Upcoming: W3C Workshop on Web Payments: How do you want to pay?

6 Dec 2013

 W3C announced a Workshop on Web Payments: How do you want to pay?, 24-25 March 2014, in Paris (France). The event is hosted by the W3C France Office. This workshop seeks to make it easier to monetize open Web applications, as an effective alternative to proprietary native app ecosystems. In essence, we would like to improve the end user experience and give users greater freedom in how they pay, to reduce the burden on developers and merchants, and to create a level playing field for competing payment solutions providers large and small. We are expecting broad participation from financial institutions, governments, mobile network operators, payment solution providers, technology companies, retailers, content creators, and non-governmental organizations. The workshop will seek to establish a broad roadmap for work on open standards for Web payments, along with proposals for initial small steps along the road. We thank Telefónica and Worldline for agreeing to co-chair the Workshop. W3C membership is not required to participate. The event is open to all. All participants are required to submit a position paper by 8 February 2014. 

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Upcoming Workshop: Linking Geospatial Data

27 Nov 2013

 W3C announced today a Workshop, Linking Geospatial Data, 5-6 March 2014, in London (UK). The event is hosted by Google. Many of the best data-driven Web applications have geospatial information at their core. Very often the common factor across multiple data sets is the location data, and maps are crucial in visualizing correlations between data sets that may otherwise be hidden. It’s this desire to work with multiple data sets in different formats about different topics and link those with the powerful technologies used in geospatial information systems that is behind the linking geospatial data workshop. How can geographic information best be integrated with other data on the Web? How can we discover that different facts in different data sets relate to the same place, especially when ‘place’ can be expressed in different ways and at different levels of granularity? W3C membership is not required to participate. The event is open to all. All participants are required to submit a position paper by 19 January 2014. 

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