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India continues to be one of the world’s fastest-growing telecommunications market due to a progressive regulatory regime, huge capital outlays for network expansion by operators, reductions in tariffs and cost of handsets. Accessing internet through mobile is seen as the future, hence enabling Indian languages on the mobile with parallel efforts enhancing the languages content on the web coupled by the development of various standards supporting these initiatives and our participation in such a global platforms is the ultimate long term goal. Interoperability is the key issue so that the dissemination of multilingual news and information can be handled seamlessly across service providers and variety of mobile available in the market. Creating Web content that works well on mobile devices is challenging for the majority of today’s Web content creators, since most of them are more accustomed to creating content for desktop devices.

This conference will cover various issues and challenges like presentation issues, mobile keypads, text transmission etc in mobile web in Indian languages. The Conference seeks to inform practitioners about the potential challenges which can be encountered during the implementation of mobile applications in Indian languages. This conference also covers the future actions that could accelerate the adoption and impact of W3C standards in the development of mobile applications in Indian languages.