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National workshop on “Digital Publishing”

28th September, 2018

The workshop was well received by the participants and there were representatives from various publishing houses such as Bronato Publishers, esahitya, Shroff Publications, Halant.com, Zen Publications, Maharashtra Sahitya Sanskriti Mandal and others. Click here for More ...

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W3C India Events, Click here for More...

The following is a list of participants with their affiliations:

1. The future of digital publishing - Current technology trends and its business implications.

2. Social media and its impact on digital publishing.

3. Challenges and opportunities in digital Publishing.

4. Digital publishing in Education segment.

5. Open Source for digital Publishing.

6. DRM - Current adaptation and way ahead.

7. Libraries and digital Publishing.

8. Standards in digital publishing - EPub and others.

9. State of digital publishing in India.

10. Platforms for digital publishing.

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